About Us

We hope to enlighten and educate the minds of those who choose to make that journey of caring to a different culture so unlike their own.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the training of participants under different circumstances, we planning to become the first gulf company leading training aboard, working in many destinations around the world and help thousands of health care provider to exposed new experience every year.

Our Projects

Our projects are arranged for health care provider to live with, and work side by side local people in a range of fields such as dental work, medical care, physiotherapy, teaching and much more. We offer the opportunity to explore a new country while taking part in meaningful, rewarding service work.

Our Method

We know that to keep our fees low and remain a positive contributor to communities around the world, we have be smarter about how we serve communities and participants as well, and take a fresh approach to addressing the issues that are important to our medical fields. We understand that every participant’s dollar is hard earned and we work tirelessly to deliver value.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









Working in foreign countries helps promote communication and trust between nations, and provides everyone involved an opportunity to expand their global horizons.

Our training programs enable socially-conscious participant to have a meaningful impact, to foster cultural exchange and to expand their skills and horizons - this is Hope's Calling purpose.

We believe that in the travelers anywhere in the world should be empowered to make meaningful contributions to the communities they are visiting, and we take pride in making this happen.

We believe it’s important to monitor our programs and trips, so we’ve developed a comprehensive trips archive to achieve the global impact that hope's calling is aiming for.